Hearing Aids

N D Stuart Hearing Care Ltd offers an extensive range of digital hearing aids, to suit a wide variety of needs and preferences.  We feature the latest digital hearing aid technologies across a range of affordability levels, including wireless hearing aid accessories. Solutions include high performance premium hearing aids for those individual requiring the best possible assistance in challenging listening situations, invisible or hidden in-the-canal hearing aids for those requiring a discreet solution, to essential or value level hearing aids for budget solutions.

Hearing aids are priced competatively and details are available on request.

If you have already been given a hearing aid recommendation by another local hearing aid company or any national hearing aid company (excluding online only hearing aid retailers) and would like a price comparison please provide details of make and model of hearing aid recommended. 

N D Stuart Hearing Care Ltd is only able to recommend particular hearing aids following a full consultation.

Hearing aid prices are inclusive of supply & fitting, follow-up and aftercare.

Most hearing aids are supplied with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Please contact us to obtain prices of particular hearing aids or to book an appointment.